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Overspray Removal Process

We utilize a 5-step removal process that ensures your complete satisfaction.

Step 1:
Thorough Pre-Cleaning Inspection:

The first step in our overspray removal process is to thoroughly inspect the vehicle to be cleaned.

Any preexisting damages including scratches, dents and chips are located, discussed and noted in writing.

This greatly decreases the potential for any issues arising during the final inspection phase.

Step 2:
Complete Hand Washing:

A comprehensive hand washing is performed on the oversprayed vehicle prior to removing contaminants.

We then focus on safely and effectively removing all airborne contaminants from vehicle surfaces.

Step 3:
Meticulous Molding Cleaning:

We implement a specialized molding restoration process to safely remove contaminates from molding, glass and trim.

Few companies have the skill to address moldings as effectively as OversprayRx.

Step 4:
Complete Exterior Detail:

The entire exterior of the vehicle is attentively detailed.

A tough coating of polymer wax is applied by hand. Wheels are dressed out. Tires are scrubbed clean.

Step 5:
Claimant Inspection:

The final step in our overspray removal process is to go over the vehicle from front to rear with the claimant again. In the uncommon event that there are any uncleanables they will documented at this time.

Prewashing of vehicle Example of claying process regarding overspray removal. Example of removing overspray from molding