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Paint Overspray Removal

Whether you are a claimant, claims adjuster or a painter…dealing with a paint overspray removal claim is not fun.

OversprayRx's safe paint overspray removal process can take your worries away.

History of Overspray Removal

The overspray removal process was originally developed in the early 80’s by a leading automotive manufacturer.

Paint Overspray Removal Techniques

Your vehicle will be hand cleaned with environmentally-safe products.

The majority of the overspray is removed with a clay bar process (see below.)

The Clay Bar Process

The clay bar process is used to safely remove contaminants on the paint such as bugs, tar, road grime, fallout, tree sap and paint overspray that washing alone cannot remove.

The process is gentle, effective and guaranteed not to damage the clear coat on your vehicle. Your vehicle's finish will typically be in better condition than before the overspray incident.

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Before Overspray Removal

Example of oversprayed car

After Overspray Removal

Example of car with overspray removed

Before Claying                                                  After Claying

Car finish before over spray clay process and Car finish after over spray clay process