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The cure to your paint overspray removal problem

Overspray Removal Services

Not only do we remove the overspray, we manage the paint overspray removal project from start to finish so you can get back to work and earn revenue.

Our services include:

  • Managing the claim
  • Contacting the claimants
  • Scheduling the vehicle service
  • Addressing liability concerns
  • Securing estimates on uncleanables from claimants
  • Providing paint overspray removal on 1-1000+ vehicles nationwide.

Cost Savings

The costs involved with paint overspray removal can be taxing. Insurance policies may have a per vehicle deductible versus a per incident deductible. The cost savings you realize with our paint overspray removal process can lesson the burden.

We cover your back

You will be made aware of any claimants that attempt to "work the system" by over-inflated estimates on uncleanables or accusing the painter of issues that are unfounded etc.

Painting contractor with paint overspray on him

Prevent Overspray

Be sure to take a look at our line of
Overspray Prevention Products

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