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Project Management

Overspray claims can be fraught with distraught claimants and confusion. Our goal is to manage the entire claim process, not just remove contaminate from the vehicle.


Initial Job Setup

  • Site supervisor is immediately contacted.
  • Key contacts are established at location.
  • Memo is dispersed to claimants informing them of the course of action.
  • List of claimants' names, phone numbers and vehicle types is amassed.
  • A database is created with all requested information and status of claims.
  • Database information is updated regularly and available online 24/7.
  • Water-supplied jobsite is set up including a weather-resisting work tent.


Scheduling Process

Our on site service helps alleviate the claimant tension.

  • Communicate and manage all scheduling.
  • Accommodate claimant schedules.
  • Reduce expenditures by expediting the overspray removal process.


Cleaning Process

All of our work is done by hand, using no high-speed buffers, harsh compounds, solvents, or sandpaper.

Our overspray removal process prevents damage often incurred by inexperienced detail and body shops.



We provide documentation for each claim in the form of a 3-part Signed Customer Release.

We pride ourselves in providing documentation, on-the-spot allowances and invoices specific to our customers' needs.

You tell us what you need and we will provide it.

“Our involvement at the earliest possible opportunity prevents the risk of panic action by third parties and consequent cost escalations.”

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