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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to clean my vehicle?

A: Depending on vehicle size and color, and the severity of the overspray, a 3-man crew will average approximately 3-5 hours per vehicle.


Q: What about the overspray on my moldings and windows?

A: Our process is able to remove overspray from most trim and moldings.


Q: Will the OversprayRx processes damage my clearcoat?

A: No. Our process has been found safe by automotive manufacturers and designed to remove the contaminant, not your clearcoat.


Q: How do you clean my vehicle?

A: All OversprayRx cleaning procedures are performed by hand. Please review our overspray removal process more detailed information.


Q: Will the overspray process void my automotive manufacturer's warranty?

A: No. Our processes have been tested and utilized by most manufacturers and will not void your warranty. Some of our largest claims are on new vehicles at dealerships.


Q: What if you cannot clean all the parts or finish to my satisfaction?

A: The majority of times, all the overspray will be removed from your vehicle. In the event that the overspray cannot be removed, the responsible party will make other arrangements.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: OversprayRx guarantees that the processes we use will not harm your finish. We stand behind our work!!!

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Our prices are determined upon the quantity and sizes of the vehicles, the severity of the overspray and type of contaminant. This is a variable cost which is typically negotiated by the insurance company or contractor responsible for your claim. See pricing/cost savings for additional details.


Q: The body shop says the vehicle needs to be repainted. What makes you think it can be cleaned?

A: OversprayRx specializes in overspray removal -- a process that few body shops/detail shops are familiar with. The conventional methods utilized by them are ineffective and also profitable for the body shop. The original baked on paint finish installed at the dealership is near impossible to duplicate.


Q: Will an overspray claim lead to depreciation of my vehicle?

A: Absolutely not. Our overspray removal process maintains the integrity and value of your vehicle. However, repainting a vehicle typically will lead to 5%-15% depreciation of the vehicle's value.


Q: How do I know if my vehicle has been affected by overspray?

A: Overspray is not always visible but can be detectable by a sandpaper like feel on vehicle