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Nationwide Onsite Overspray Removal Services


SAVE Money: Overspray removal is 30% to 90% less expensive than repainting and replacing molding.

REDUCE Headaches: We manage the entire overspray claim process, from scheduling on-site service to handling all paperwork.

PRESERVE Your Car's Value: Generally there is no need to repaint or replace slick or textured molding, which means no devaluation.

SAFELY Restore: Our overspray removal process removes the contaminant without damaging the clear coat.

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Overspray Removal Services Comparison Chart

Local Detail
Body Shop
Other Overspray Companies
Convenience Nationwide Service checkmark checkmark
Crews stationed across USA SOME checkmark
On-site service SOME checkmark checkmark
Services offered Textured and slick trim restoration RARE checkmark
Boats, equipment, vehicles, planes and structures RARE checkmark checkmark
Specialists in removing all bonded materials i.e. epoxy, cement, polyurethane etc. checkmark checkmark
Claim Assistance Assist in securing estimates on items that can't be restored checkmark checkmark
Claim Liability investigation and determination checkmark checkmark
Single car claims nationwide checkmark checkmark LIMITED checkmark
Web based claim status report checkmark
Custom designed documents checkmark
Detailed claimant release forms SOME checkmark checkmark
VIN verification checkmark checkmark
Technician Qualifications TWIC Certification checkmark
Trained overspray removal specialists checkmark checkmark

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